A Covenant for Mom Book Clubs & More

A Covenant for Mom Book Clubs & More

Do you facilitate a book club, or bible study, or any regular gathering that requires commitment? Or maybe you are hoping to begin one but you’re not sure where to begin in writing up a covenant or promise of commitment to one another?

For over two decades I’ve initiated and facilitated consistent, in-person gatherings for various purposes, sizes, and missions. I’ve found that an upfront, written “covenant” is always a good idea. It not only clarifies expectations for faithfulness and commitment, it also sets a tone and atmosphere of trust and safety.

Most recently, for the past four years, a small group of homeschool mamas with a passion to learn and implement more of the Charlotte Mason philosophy and methods in our homes, gathered together immediately following the Gospel Vision for Children conference I had co-hosted in our then home church. We met faithfully, without fail, every 3rd Friday of the month.

Every year during the month of December, I ask each of them to take time to prayerfully ask the Lord if she is to continue to give the 3rd Friday of each month for this group and its purpose. She will have until the end of December to then sign the covenant I had written. (See below)

We take this commitment very seriously. Why?

  • Because we know we’re not merely consumers, attending to get something out of the group just for ourselves.

  • We know that we’re essentially committing to one another and each other’s families. We are gathering to BE a blessing.

  • We also know that if we say yes to this use of our time and energy, then we are saying no to something else. (Most of my moms drive 45min. to 2 hours to come to our meetings.) That means it has to be a family decision. Husbands have to see the value of these monthly gatherings and be supportive of their wives, seeing the nourishment it brings to her soul and fuel for her motherhood/wifehood anointing.

Can you see why this is not something we take lightly?

One last thing, we never take it personally when God asks a mama to step out for a particular season. It just means He has something else for her to work on during that time. But when she is ready to return and step back into learning and growing with us again, we receive her with open arms.

To journey with one another as life ebbs and flows, is an honor.

To be a part of one’s stories as God writes them - in daily grace, sweat, blood, and tears - creates an eternal footprint.

I pray our Lord surrounds you with a fellow sister in the Lord who will link arms with you for the long haul. And if He deems it fit, you (and your friend(s)) are always welcome to link arms with me and my mama-sisters inside Life-giving Motherhood too.


For the King and His renown,


P.S. The Covenant below is for your personal use only, to be used with your group. Please do not publicly publish, but rather send them to this blog post. And of course, feel free to tweak it according to your needs. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry.


As I know I have been called by the LORD to homeschool my child/children,

and having chosen to do so following the Gospel-centered, Charlotte Mason philosophy and method, I commit:

  • to safe-guarding my own walk with Jesus as my LORD;

  • to remaining committed and accountable as a member of a local Body of Christ; and

  • to continuous study and humble learning as a faithful member of this group.

I understand that my presence in the meetings is essential and thus,

choose to make the meetings and study a priority in this season of life,

barring illness and unforeseen emergency events.

I choose to continue in my growth as a homeschool mom as part of my current vocation,

and to invest in and support my fellow sisters in Christ in this group with a heart to be a blessing to them as we walk this journey together.

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