I've Saved You a Seat

I’m Min, a happy pastor’s wife, fierce mama bear to four children earth-side and two heaven-side, artist, and passionate encourager of moms.

Because of my mission to glorify God in the “everyday,” I diligently scrutinize the “ideas” I allow into my home, and take my “home gate-keeping” vocation very seriously. To me, there is no such thing as too many books, notebooks, or art supplies. (They’re my weaknesses!)


If you don’t know HOW to begin changing your habits…

  • with the atmosphere of your home

  • in your relationship with your husband and child/ren, and

  • in even your relationship with God

    ——- you’re in the right place.


If you know but you keep falling off “the plan” you set for yourself, again you’re in the right place. Accountability and continuous, supportive inspiration undergirded by the Word of God is what’s missing. And we have that in boatloads in Life-giving Motherhood.


I’ll be helping you to not only take that first step (which is always the hardest), but to also create a strategy.

Learning from my own failings and God’s grace through it all, I’ve put together a FLUID ROADMAP.

Together, we will take it to the feet of Jesus, and saturate each step with prayer. Maybe even a few tears. (For me, many tears. I cry easily.)

Dear sister, don't worry. You’ll find yourself in a safe place, among sisters in Christ who share your heartache, as well as your longing to “live a life worthy of the call” we have in Christ - and for our children to do the same.