Member Testimonials

  • Jackie Osborne

    I didn’t imagine myself ever joining a virtual group of women I have never met. I am very much a face to face kind of person. But this group's mission was too good. And it is still too good to be true.

    My children and husband are covered through prayer and fasting. When I feel weak in my flesh and want to choose lesser things this group reminds me to keep choosing the narrow path.

    The book clubs and weekly challenges stretch me in a way that is showing fruit in my everyday parenting and homeschooling methods. And finally, the genuine community between us mamas at LGMM is something that can only be of the Spirit. I am so happy to be a part.

  • Amanda Coleman

    I signed up for the Life-Giving Motherhood membership because I was attracted to all of the intentions the group has for mothers. They lined up so precisely with many of my own heart desires: to hear the Lord say “Well done, good and faithful servant”, to grow in the spiritual disciplines, to disciple my kids, among other aims.

    So joining this group has held me accountable to actually move towards these aims in very practical, sequential steps. It’s one thing to desire to do something—and by myself I can make small steps with the Spirit’s sanctifying help. But—I guess it also depends on one’s personality—when I have people to check in with, I am pushed to do these things I want to do with a greater consistency and determination.

  • Taraneh Kerley

    As someone who felt she had a deep walk with the Lord, I was curious why I felt so called to join Life-Giving Motherhood. I am so glad that I did!

    This sisterhood of women has blessed me in so many ways, even in the two short months I have been a part of it. I have felt myself challenged to incorporate spiritual disciplines with greater regularity and intention. I have deepened my quiet time with the Lord through the daily Bible meditations and prayer prompts. I have felt richly blessed by the other women as well, who are all on fire for Christ! To be in a group of women who love Jesus with the same passion and devotion as I do has been a tremendous gift and encouragement. The leaders genuinely care for us, check in, pray for us, and lead us with joyful hearts. Min's passion and wisdom on homeschool has been especially encouraging.

    My quiet time, homeschooling, and roles as wife and mother have been enriched by this group. I feel I am a better follower of Christ because of the intentionality, encouragement, and enthusiasm this group provides.

    I am so grateful for LGMM!

  • Jess Gusey

    LGMM was an answer to prayer for me and has been above and beyond what I could have even imagined!

    I love the challenges, scripture meditations, encouragement, accountability, mother culture, book clubs, homeschooling tips, and so much more!

    But the best of all is every single one of these women. I never knew I had so many amazing friends from all over the world who would love me enough to pray and fast not only for me, but my husband and children too!

    Kristha Burney

    I have seen so much change in the last few months at LGM. I stopped operating from my own grit, allowing the Holy Spirit to change me. I am so thankful for the peace and the time given to really dive in the challenges. Thanks Min for this assignment and letting God use you for his work. I'm so glad that the Lord led me here to this group.

  • LaShawne Thomas

    For some time, I had felt the Lord beckoning me back to regular times of praying and fasting in addition to calling me back to spending real time at His feet in prayer or just listening in the quiet, alone with the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, my morning Bible Study time had begun to feel too academic and not like the devotional time it was supposed to be. I had begun working on some habits a few years ago, but I knew I still had a long way to go.

    At just the right time, the Lord sent this beautiful, truly Life-Giving group of mamas. I had never seen or heard of a group of women united over a period of time to press into the Spiritual Disciplines together among other habits--to disciple ourselves in Christ as we seek to disciple our children in Christ. I have never been part of such a large and diverse group of such talented, humble, and gracious mamas from all over the world united in the gospel and united in encouraging one another as mothers. Spiritual Disciplines and diversity were my first draw to the group, but, after joining, I was so impressed that, rather than just being a group "interested" in working on habit training, we were being presented with thoroughly thought out plans with definite steps and gracious accountability to help us all make as much definite progress toward habit formation as we are willing to take part in.

    I am so blessed by the women in this group every single day, and I am so grateful to God for placing this vision in Min's heart and to Min for obeying the voice of the Lord to serve this group with such excellence and love. In turn, my entire family has been blessed because of the godly wisdom and insight gleaned from Life-Giving Motherhood. Hallelujah!

  • Bea Magsalin-Manuel

    LGMM is a blessing to me and my family. What makes this community so special is that each one of us came from different places and backgrounds but united by a common goal - to give honor and glory to King Jesus in our home and our area of influence. I like the accountability, love, and grace that we have with each other - it’s like a glimpse of heaven! After I joined the LGMM, I know I changed a lot and I'm "stepping heavenward". The weekly challenges helped (and are helping) me a lot in my faith walk. The fellowship is so powerful – from the daily meditations (I delight reading the reflections from other members), the corporate prayer and fasting (though I know I need to improve in this area), coffee chats, and inspiring talks by Min – “always gracious, seasoned by salt”. LGMM ladies who never cease to pour out their love and grace towards us. I’m excited about the marvelous ways God will use this community in transforming our lives and the next generation!